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Unique stoves that simply offer you more...

Stovetech have unveiled their unique range of Merlin stoves

This beautiful range of stoves have been built then crafted to perfection to meet the ever increasing market demand for high efficiency and exceptional environmental friendly stoves as an alternative heat source for the home.

The stoves clean cut British design offers a welcoming visual experience with an ultra clear view of the living flame at all times.

Contemporary or traditional these stove are different, with simplistic and uncomplicated dust free lines Merlin stoves remain beautifully attractive in every fashion sense.

Behind the elegant lines on the inside lies an extremely robust and powerful stove, built with the latest Stovetech'nology these super easy controllable stoves run without the need for additional fussy components and expensive accessories, coping with all weather conditions is simply effortless.

Manufactured & Designed by Stovetech, keeping the best things in life simple.

select your Merlin stove:

ST-A Merlin Stove : Widescreen Woodburning StoveST-B Merlin Stove : Standard Woodburning StoveST-C Merlin Stove : Midline Woodburning StoveST-D Merlin Stove : Slimline Woodburning Stove
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